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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at London Insight Meditation

Guided by Nature

2016-09-10 (2 days) London Insight Meditation

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2016-09-10 Embodied Presence is Always Here 17:05
Ajahn Sucitto
Intro & Guided Meditation: Embodiment is not the visual or notional form of the body, but a domain of sensations, pressures, temperatures, and movements. When attention is turned to this embodied experience and we relax what doesn't need to be activated, calm and sensitivity are naturally generated.
2016-09-10 Let Nature Take Its Course - Don't Interfere 46:29
Ajahn Sucitto
When we project forward into an imagined future – a "tele-reality" – this interferes with our natural sanity. When this tele-program is unplugged, empathy, ethical sense, and wisdom grow.
2016-09-10 The Body's Intelligence 28:29
Ajahn Sucitto
Standing Meditation: The body has an intelligence that can't be figured out by the mind. It can find the place of least stress and effort, and establish balance. In this way, embodiment moderates the mind.
2016-09-10 Ground, Balance and Wholeness 33:10
Ajahn Sucitto
Guided Sitting Meditation: (Guidance begins at 10 min, and then again at 25 min) Ask the body to align and find balance, then allow it to happen through vitality versus will power. Look for wholeness with regards to physical pain: rather than splitting into a 'me' who has a stiff shoulder – can it be included?
2016-09-10 Embodiment as Basic Sanity 34:59
Ajahn Sucitto
We can use the body as a means to pause from immediate reactions and perceptions. From this place we can extend, allowing a shift so that something more compassionate, spacious, and authentic can arise.
2016-09-10 Tuning in to the Soft Intelligence of the Body 55:14
Ajahn Sucitto
Guided Meditation Body: When the held places in the body relax, energy shifts into a receptive state where many fine intelligences exist. Experiment with the power and gift of energies in the hands.
2016-09-10 Walking with Nowhere to Go 5:05
Ajahn Sucitto
Walking Meditation Instructions: Customarily, walking is about 'getting somewhere', but in walking meditation there's nowhere to go. Widen the perceptual field like a bubble and tune into how the body walks.
2016-09-11 Returning to Our Natural State 42:59
Ajahn Sucitto
Intro & Guided Meditation: Embodiment is a touchstone for deep sanity where we come back to our fundamental senses. It is a domain we cannot be separated from, though we separate ourselves from it.
2016-09-11 Subjective Reality Is the Place for Liberation 39:43
Ajahn Sucitto
In the world of systems, life is explained, and measured in terms of objectivity. This reality results in the experience of division and stress. In subjective reality there is direct feeling and experiencing of life through embodiment. Everything is met and integrated. This is the reality to be experienced, cultivated and cleared for ultimate liberation.
2016-09-11 The Realm of Subtle Form 33:20
Ajahn Sucitto
Standing Meditation: Find balance, where least effort is needed. From the soles of the feet, begin to sweep awareness up into the legs, belly, chest, head until each piece merges into an undivided whole that is rhythmically breathing. This is the realm of subtle form.
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