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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at London Insight Meditation

Beautifying The Mind, with Venerable Canda

This was an online retreat held via Zoom, on Sunday 9th May 2021. Do you sometimes find meditation difficult or frustrating – and trying harder doesn’t work? Fortunately, the Buddha knew that because the mind is conditioned, it can be trained. There is nothing wrong with you; most often, obstacles arise simply because we haven’t put enough preparation in place. This retreat explored wise ways of using thought and perception in daily life to beautify and uplift the heart with qualities like gratitude, patience, forgiveness and peace. Ven Canada drew out the often overlooked aspect of mindfulness as “Gatekeeper” and discussed how we might employ it in meditation to keep friends at home and intruders out. As confidence grows in our ability to incline towards wholesome states, the Noble Eightfold Path may start to appear like a super highway to unconditional happiness, that is applicable and beneficial to every aspect of our life.
2021-05-09 (1 day) London Insight Meditation

2021-05-09 Part 1 - Morning Talk and Meditation 1:20:17
Ayya Canda
2021-05-09 Part 2 - Afternoon talk and meditation 1:26:31
Ayya Canda
2021-05-09 Part 3 - Afternoon Q&A 35:59
Ayya Canda
2021-05-09 Part 4 - Concluding metta practice 22:07
Ayya Canda
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